The beginning of a journey

Well, hello everyone. My name is Alan and I intend to chronicle my Paleo/Primal journey in this blog. I will mostly be talking about the amazing recipes I find online or in books that I’ve decided to cook, link you to them and comment about how easy, hard, delicious or completely disastrous turn out to be. Since I’m not a cook nor a chef, not a lot of these recipes will be of my creation, so I will dutifully link you to the original recipes.

If you want to follow me somewhere else, I have an Instagram account (alan713ch), as well as a Twitter (same user name) and a Facebbok account (Alan Izar). Hwever, the latter two will cinlude far more ramblings about litics, far more links about technology and science and far more stuff unrelated to cooking than this site. So if you are only interested in food, this is your better option.

Well, let’s begin!


Say something!

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