Green Roast

So, I had a roast a couple of pounds heavy in my fridge and almost anything else in my fridge, and the fact that I have had some family visits for the past week left me with almost no money, so I decided to try and do something kind of a kitchen sink thing. I did look for ideas, and landed into Civilized Caveman Cookblog’s recipe for bacon roast, but I didn’t have any bacon. I did have some collard greens and since one of the commenters in the post said that kale was a great addition to the crockpot I said, “Why not?”

I took my roast, put a bunch of garlic cloves in it, and then used spices all over it. Salt, pepper, thyme, oregano and cloves.

Into the crockpot! Since I had some leftover wine, I added it in order to ensure it wouldn’t dry up. You can’t see it here but I had also chopped an onion and put it in the crockpot, on top of the greens.

But oh! I went to see Florence and The Machine that night, and since I started the crockpot in the morning, when I finally turned it off around midnight, it had dried out a little, but only on the outside! It also looked a little gross.

So I decided to open it and see how it was inside. Just one way to describe it: delicious! I shredded it and made some lettuce wraps with it.

Since this was almost everything made from leftovers from my meat box, my CSA and some cheap wine (amazingly, obtained at Whole Foods) I basically spent short to nothing making this.
Today’s link goes to the amazing Civilized Caveman Cookblog, one of the most intesting collections off original recipes in the paleo world. A must see for every kind of foods, particularly foods that appeal to the male palate.

I also want to give a shout out to my CSA, Grant Farms in Colorado. Their shares are a fair size, the veggies a delicious (this is my first year, so far we’ve been six weeks and except for the rhubarb that turned out to be a mistery to me, it’s been an amazing journey) and most important of all: they sell pastured omnivore eggs! And chickens! Something a little hard to come by in Boulder, surprisingly. Also, they let you pay with a credit card, which is Awesome because as a grad student sometimes I have to play with my income.

Last but not least, my meat box! Sun Prairie Farms, you guys are amazing! Until I get a chest freezer you’ll be my go to selection for grass fed meat. Maybe even after if I manage to get a quarter cow from you.

That’s for the moment!


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