Sunny side up

I used to loath doing sunny side up eggs. I could never get them right. Either they would not be cooked through, or they would be overcooked, Particularly when I followed Sally Fllon’s method! That surprised me the most since that book has been awesome in everything non flour related! After several (and I mean, SEVERAL) times doing them I finally can get them right: white well cooked, yolk soft and a little runny. Like always I pair them with some vegetables, in this case, some extra chard.

OK, so let’s start talking about cooking utensils! On the left is a wok I bought at Ross, so no idea what brand it is. I did have to season it (I used roasted sesame oil in it, I know, not so paleo or primal but I wanted to keep it a little bit with the Asian cooking theme) and on the right is a Lodge cast iron pan. I seasoned it as well. I did destroy the premade seasoning but this is like the third one, specially after my roommate has washed it with water and soap a couple times. After I told him not to! As you can see, I’m going to use butter to cook the eggs and the chard.

I just warm up both skillets, the wok really really hot, the cast iron not that much so the eggs won’t burn down at the bottom (they always do, but I don’t want them overburnt). I rip the chard with my hands and toss it to the buttered wok, making sure all of it gets a nice beautiful layer of butter. The eggs, I crack them on top of the well buttered pan and let them be (medium heat), sprinkling them with salt and pepper, and against Alton Brown’s advice I mentioned in the morning scramble post, I do use rosemary when cooking sunny side up.

When both are cooked, I serve the eggs over the chard. And eat them! As the other time, I accompanied it with strawberries in greek yoghurt, and low-temp pasteurized milk.

The links of this day are only to Sally Fallon’s book, Nourishing Traditions, a book that I think ewverybody should read, whether you agree wi everything she says or not. Just the stories she tells abt the traditionalistic methods of cooking she outlines in her book are worth the price.
Not an affiliate link, something Google spit out for me.


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