Green Roast Salad

So I still had a lot of roast form the green roast recipe I made the other day. So I made a salad to eat it.

Instead of shredding it, I decided to slice it this time. The greens were a bunch of lettuce I had in hand.

But the real interesting thing here was the salad dressing I made for it, so it would not be too dry (something I experienced with the wraps last night). This dressing comes from Nourishing Traditions, and it’s a basic emulsion of apple cider vinegar and olive oil, with some mustard to add flavor. I use dijon mustard, just because, and I don’t add the flax oil Sally Fallon recommends, just because I didn’t buy it.

I poured it over the lettuce, and then put the meat on it.

Yes, I ate the whole plate. I’m a growing boy!
Again, the link of the day goes to Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions.


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