Ketchup and Eggs. And Sausage

So I bought sausage at the farmer’s market last saturday, and that meant one thing: sausage scramble! But, I only like my eggs and sausage with ketchup, so I had to make more of the stuff, since almost a month ago I ran out of it.

For the ketchup I follow the recipe that comes in Mark Sisson’s book The Primal Blueprint Cookbook. It’s pretty simple and it uses not that many ingredients. Onion, apple cider vinegar, tomato paste, salt, pepper, allspice, garlic, cloves and honey.

We blend it altogether.

And that’s it! Pretty easy. I used my cast iron pan to cook the sausages. And the eggs, not together.

And scramble there is!

The amount of ketchup you get from a can of tomato paste and all the other ingredients is around two cups, so I save the rest. The vinegar acts as a preservative and can be stored for quite a bit.

The trick is to balance the salt and the vinegar, otherwise it can be too sour. Also, don’t confuse your spices: I messed up the allspice with the chinese spice blend.

They look pretty similar. Thankfully I was able to rescue it with more salt, pepper and cloves.

Today’s link goes to the amazing cookbook of Mark Sisson, The Primal Blueprint Cookbook, because that’s whe I got the ketchup recipe.
Not an affiliate link, just something Google told me.

Also, I wanted to give a great shout out to Cure Organic Farms, the farm who sells me the Italian Sausage I used in this recipe. They also have hosted the Mile High Food Swaps for a couple times, and they are some of the nicest people I’ve met.


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