Waste not, want all

Well, my schedule has become something hectic as I am trying to understand what the hell is going on with my experimental setup. That means almost no time for cooking! Sad! Also, I’m moving, so that meant trying to get rid of stuff that is hiding in the back corners of my fridge. Just like this back of a chicken I had used to make stock a couple of days ago.

Back of the chicken meat is actually pretty good, but most people ignore it because it is a pain in the butt to remove from the bones (as you can see, I did not recover all of it). But it is good! So I chopped it a little bit (mostly to ensure I had removed all of the bones) and fried it in coconut oil.

Maybe it was too much oil.
In order to make it more appealing, I defrost some ciliantro pesto I had done a while ago.

Seriously, waiting for the thing to unfreeze was the longest waiting in this recipe. I served it with more lettuce.

Yes, that’s some leftover sausage from my breakfast. Waste not.
Amazingly, this is all from my little head, so no links today! Have fun and wait for tomorrow’s post, which includes homemade mayo!


One thought on “Waste not, want all

  1. Just wave your hands over the reactor, and yell Science! a couple of times. How do you think I fix all the stuff in the lab? 😉

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