Broccoli salad and homemade mayo

While I usually get bacon once or twice a month, I mostly do it in order to use it with my eggs, or beef burgundy, or cabbage soup, or stuff like that. However, every once in a while I’m in the mood for some baked bacon.

I just stick it in the oven at 250F (where the hell is the degree sign in the iPad keyboard?) for a couple hours, until it is crispy enough. But as you can see on the left, that means I get delicious, awesome bacon fat. Now, bacon is one of the most problematic foods in the Paleo Diet. While it is generally accepted that is good (animal fat, animal protein, amazing flavor), it is also really easy to buy bacon that comes from pork that was not properly fed (i.e. factory pork) so it will usually be laden with chemicals and other nas stuff. I admit I buy mine at a Whole Foods, but I get the cheapest so I don’t know how good it is. I hope at some point I can afford to buy more from Cure Farms, where I also buy sausage.

Back on topic: what to do with the drippings? Mayo!

Again from Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint Cookbook, a mayo recipe with fat (he suggests anything from Olive Oil -not extra virgin, too strong- to avocado oil, coconut oil and of course, bacon), an acid (vinegar, lime juice, lemon juice), paprika, salt (very little of both) and an egg. If you get your eggs from a reliable source you would not have to worry about pasteurizing. To be honest, I did not know you could pasteurize eggs before reading the book.

In order to make the mayo, you mix all the ingredients but the fat, and then add this in a really slow manner while whisking. I use a handheld mixer (seriously, just using it for this justified it for me, even though I did get it with a hefty discount) because you only have to keep a button pressed and you can focus on the most important task at hand: adding the fat really slowly. I mean Really slowly.

I use the mayo in a broccoli salad (from the same book) which consists in broccoli, nuts (I used almonds though), dried fruit (apple rings, leftovers from a gaming night) and a dressing made of mayo, honey and vinegar to taste. I use all of the mayo I got because It’s been so long I’ve made sandwiches I no longer have use for the mayo. I should do some tuna salad or chicken salad.

The bacon? Ah, right. I save it for random eating. I also crumbled some and put it in the salad. It’s just that awesome, Bacon does go with everything.

Link of the day goes again to Markk Sisson’s cookbook.


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