Kitchen Sink Frittatta

I love frittattas. They are easy to make, they are not as much hassle as omelettes are, and they are perfect for cleaning out the fridge, like I an doing right now since I’m moving to a new place.


In this case I am using some chard, tomatoes, onions, chicken (not pictured) and salt and pepper to taste. I chop everything up.


My frittattas tend to be with six eggs. I can eat that in one sitting, maybe two. The eggs go beaten, by the way.


I cook everything but the eggs in butter. There has to be enough butter, otherwise when the eggs come up there will not be enough fat and they’ll stick. I use cast iron because I like to finish it in the broiler.


I add the eggs, let it cook for a little bit, not too much. And then we puff it in the broiler.


Full, complete and easy meal in simple steps. Helps to clean out the kitchen too! OMNOMNOM.
One good source to learn about frittattas is Alton Brown’s TV show, Good Eats. Guess what? Available on youtube (not official, though)


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