Soup. Homemade with homemade coconut milk.

So I’m finally in a stable position in my new place, which means I can go back to cooking. But before I had finished unpacking all my kitchen appliances this little fella was waiting for me at the door.

Exciting, isn’t it?
I’ve heard about Tropical Traditions products ever since I started my Primal journey. Everybody talks about how awesome their Coconut Oil is, and hopefully I will try it someday. Right now I decided it was a better investment to get a bucket of shredded coconut because there’s lot of stuff you can do with it, mainly coconut milk.

Why not use the one from the store? Well, BPA, the fact that it has to have additives in order to stay together, the fact that sometimes they run out of full fat and you have to stick to lite, all these seem like good reasons to try and make your own. Besides, it’s not hard at all! You basically blend one cup of coconut with one cup of hot water, filter with a cheesecloth, repeat with half a cup of warm water, and you end up with a cup and a half of milk. No science at all.

Coconut milk has lots of uses. In this case, since I had a lot of greens (kale) I decided to do a green soup.

Chopped onion, garlic and the greens. First I cooked the onions in butter, low temp, until translucent, and added the garlic. Then, the chicken stock.

I like to strain my chicken stock twice. Dunno why. Anyways, I added the greens and wilted them. And then came the blending.

And blending.

And blending.

I forgot that kale’s stems are particularly though to break down, so after an hour of hand blending I gave up and used my regular blender.

Ah, mistakes. When it finally pureed, I ended up with a thin soup that my coconut milk could not thicken much, but the taste was pretty good (after some salt and pepper).

Another mistake that I did was the amount of stock I used. Instead of following the recipe I decided to use more (since I had A LOT of kale) but that caused the end product to be watery. Again, not that it was bad, but definitely inconvienient.
Shoutout of the day goes to Tropical Traditions. The coconut is good, and they send you a free book with your first purchase, which I think is pretty cool. About benefits of coconut.


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