Salad in a jar

I suddenly remembered that I had a bunch of beets from my CSA. Or rather, four bunches! I actually had five, but had to throw one away because it was gettting too soft for my taste. I could have juiced it, maybe? I don’t know. So instead I decided to do slaw with it.

This recipe is from Whole Foods. Yes, Whole Foods. Going to the Whole Foods here in Bulder is a real adventure. I usually don’t go due to budget issues, but as of lately I’ve started to pick up on stuff that is actually cheaper than in other stores. Like beef. Really. Anyways, this Mint and Beets Slaw recipe called for beets, fennel, mint and raisins.

I grated the beets, sliced the fennel and soaked the raisins in hot water for five mintues to remove excess sugar so they won’t be sticky. The liquid consisted of rice vinegar and pepper. Te original recipe calls for miso paste, but I was already breaking some Paleo rule by using rice vinegar I’m sure.

I mixed everything and put it into jars that I had around. You know, in order to save space. It turned out to be a pretty good salad, specially with the cabbage rolls and egg bake.

The shout out of the day goes to Whole Foods. Yes, it can be expensive, but the trick is to do some shop hopping. You don’t put all your eggs in one basket the same way you don’t buy all your groceries at one store (unless it is the only store nearby. In that case you do).

I reccomend the cooking section and to suscribe to their coupons. You can always find a deal or something.


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