Cabbage rolls. Mini?

I have to say I’ve been looking for lunch recipes that go beyond the Big Ass Salad. Nothing against the salad but I truly feel like I can use something bigger (and different) every once in a while. So when the German Grandma at the Boulder Farmer’s Market convinced me to buy her last package of Cabbage Rolls I felt like I had found the perfect lunch food. However, her version included rice and was fried in canola oil, so I had to look for a more paleo friendly alternative. Enter The Domestic Man.


Anyways, cabbage! We take the core out, and put it in boiling water for a while. TDM says you should press it, take it out and then peel the leaves, and if you reach a pint where the caxbbage is hard again you should dump it back in the water. I preferred to peel them while in the water, using a wooden spoon to help me remove the leaves.

The filling is meat with veggies and rice. I substituted the rice with steamed grated cauliflower. Not steamed for long though, since I wanted it to have form, not to become mushy. I fried the meat in ghee until almost cooked, then added shredded carrots and cauliflower rice and cooked for a bit more, but not until tender.


The fun (read long) part of this recipe is making the rolls. You remove the spine of the leaves, to have more flexibility with them. I ended up cutting them in halves and then filling them. The result? Mini Rolls!


I am not sure that was the intended result, since the Grandma’s (and TDM’s) rolls were full sized. I still loved them though, mini size is about as good as it can get. Maybe it was because of halving the leaves, instead of using them fully. Before baking them at 350F I used some tomato sauce fried in more ghee to coat them completely.


An hour later, I had like fifty of these mini monsters. Nah, even more. I still ate like fifteen in one sitting. Delicious.

Shout out of the day goes to The Domestic Man.

The Domestic Man is probably one of the best sites for those who are “tipping” their toes into Paleo, Primal, even just gluten free, since his collection of recipes is actually more friendly than other sites. That is, they have certain exceptions to the rule, like rice here or beans there, as long as you prepare them in a more traditional matter andn not just buy from the store. Ergo, it is pretty good for people who are not into it one hundred percent and yet they want to eat healthier.


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