Baking some eggs

Another recipe from The Primal Blueprint Cook book. And oh man, I love this thing. I had a bunch of zucchinis and immediately thought of doing this.


Except for one of them, they were perfect. You grate them, and hell no I was going to do that by hand. Just like whenever I do cauliflower rice, I take out the Cuisinart. The other zucchini was not bad, it just turned out to be a cucumber.


Fry the zucchini in butter with some onion and salt and pepper. It will release some liquid so DRAIN. While draining it is a good idea to fry some meat (or sausage, whatever you have in hand) and mix it all together. Throw in a couple of eggs beaten, and we have our baking mixture ready!


Thirty minutes later, this is the result. Delicious.

Shout of the day? Well, Cuisinart, maybe? Who doesn’t know Cuisinart?
The food processor rocks. The hand blender is cool, but it has its limitations.


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