Salmon croquettes

A quick and cheap way to introduce fish in any diet is via canned fish. Whether it is tuna, salmon or sonething else, it is usually good quality and relatively inexpensive. I’ve always associated canned fish with one of two things: salads or croquettes. In this case it will be salmon in the latter.

Opening the can, flaking the fish, adding chopped onion, cilantro, mustard, and two beaten eggs in order to form the paste. Using coconut flour to dry the mixture if too moist.

Making the croquettes (in this case patties), frying them in ghee, not crowding them (I did three at the time)

Choosing a good salad to go with it, maybe topping them with crème fraîche, adding some cauliflower rice leftover from another meal.

Quite simple, ain’t it? Recipe from The Primal Blueprint Cookbook


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