Korean ribs

A friend of mine has an uncle who is a farmer, and every once in a while he gets to get meat from him. He got pork, and asked me to cook it with him. Pretty handy that I have made this recipe for Korean Ribs several times now, though with Beef instead of Pork, when it is supposed to be the latter. The marinade is a packet of blackberries, a quarter cup rice vinegar, a tablespoon sesame oil and half a cup coconut aminos.

Half and onion and some green onions, too!

Blend and marinade the meat in this sauce for at least four hours. I had defrosted the ribs in the morning, and prepped them while my lunch break. Thank Gandalf I live three blocks from my job and can do this kind of things.

When marinated, I put them in the broiler, a good fifteen minutes to make sure they are well cooked, even if they are not in that “falling from the rib” state. I guess I can always leave them more time.

Recipe from Mark’s Daily Apple, Mark Sisson’s blog about going Primal. The recipe was submitted by Christian Chun and there’s another sauce recipe which I havent’t tried simply because I think this one is much cheaper. I mean, it’s only a pack of blackberries and half an onion!


According to Jim’s words, this was the best time he’s ever had ribs. Thanks!


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