Blanching the greens

OK, so my CSA has become a bottomless barrel of greens. And I’m getting tired of using them always in salads, so I decided to look for more options. Found this in an old mexican cookbook called “…y la comida se hizo” (And Food was Cooked), originally a project by the mexican government in the 1970’s that got acquired by an editorial house and has been around for the past forty years.

First step is to blanch the spinach. The trick with spinach is to use as little water as possible, to have the greens packed together when submerged, and the water boiling strongly when used. I submerged the spinach for one minute, and immediately plunged them in ice cold waster for another minute. The green does become stronger.

For the sauce, I was to use almond flour instead of regular flour, but reading Paleo Comfort Foods I saw their suggestion of using coconut flour instead. Butter, a tablespoon of coconut flour and a cup of milk, integrated to form the sauce. Then I added the spinach and let it cook for ten minutes. Salt, pepper and nutmeg for flavors.
The shout out of the day goes to Trillas, the Editorial House that sells the whole “…y la comida se hizo” cookbook series. They were created with a low middle income family of four, so their recipes are cheap, quick and delicious. Of course a lot of them are not paleo, but that is why I’m taking time going through them.

You can find them in Amazon… for twice as much as they cost in Mexico…


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