My experience with eggplant was sliced and fried. I never liked it, but I was a bratty eight year old when I had it, so I guess I’ll have to revisit the recipe later. But since I didn’t have it at the moment I went through my books and see what I could do with it. I was about to make a caponata when I found the recipe for Ratatouille, and realized I had all the ingredients for it from my CSA, so I did not spend a dime cooking it!

The trick with ratatouille is to have fresh ingredients (yay CSA and Farmer’s Market) and to add such ingredients in the right order. And to have lots and lots of oil in your pan.

LOTS OF oil.
In a hot pan (for size convenience I used my wok) you put a lo of olive oil, but be careful it does not start smoking. First the onions, fried for a couple minutes. Then the eggplant, well cooked (like three or four minutes). Tomatoes, which should have had a pinch of sugar or stevia in order to remove some of their acidity, cooked through. Last but not least, zucchini, peppers and garlic.

You cook it on a large fire for a couple minutes, until everything is just starting to get mushy, then you lower the fire and let it cook for an hour. Salt and pepper and thyme for taste. Make sure to taste it, otherwise you’ll have a bunch of vegetables and no flavor.

Apparently my tomatoes were not red enough.


3 thoughts on “Ratatouille

    • By CO you mean coconut oil? I’d also reccomend avocado oil, although you don’t reach that much high temperature when cooking it. But you do need a lot, both eggplant and zucchini are known for being massive absorbants so the oil diminishes quite quickly. French cooking is known more for its use of herbs rather than hot spices: sage, tarragon, oregano, etc, but I think the further south you go (closer to the Mediterranean Sea) the spicier the food gets.

  1. If you want to reduce the amount of oil try salting the eggplant and let it “sweat” for at least 30 min… you also get rid of the bitter taste.

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