For lamb, mint is mandatory

So Mary (I finally learned her name) was a little dissappointed when I told her I wanted ribs instead of liver. But hey: it was on sale, and a man’s gotta save money whenever it’s possible, specially after buying a griddle.

Lamb ribs are an interesting cut of meat. With a flavor that is softer and more subtle than pork ribs, you don’t want to go full monty like korean ribs or bbq sauce. I don’t remember where, I think it was a television show, but I remember that mint is a must whenever you are cooking lamb. So I grabbed the mustard and some dried mint and had fun with it.

Isn’t my new griddle beautiful? Gotta love TJMaxx, it was half the price of a usual griddle at your local hardware store. I broiled these babies for ten minutes each side, but it can take more.

We want the meat to be falling off the ribs, and that might mean a little char on the outside. These turned out DELICIOUS according to my roommate.
Even though the recipe was not from this book, my shout out of the day goes to Diane SanPhillipo’s Practical Paleo book. Seriously, go buy it right now. It is that good.


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