Wrong order beef

Well, I did say I was gonna include my screw ups so you could kearn from them and not repeat them. In this case I unfroze a BADLY wrapped (by me) portion of ground beef I had saved from last week’s trip to Superior (I got a haircut!) by putting in water overnight. It drained. Basically looked like brains. So in an attempt to save it I immediately browned the brains in butter.

I added some tomatoes and onions, and this is when I realized I was adding the ingredients in the wrong order: you are supposed to sautée the onions first, then the meat, lastly the tomatoes!

I doused the skillet with Coconut Aminos and covered it for ten, fifteen minutes, until it browned completely and the aroma was good. I served over some chard leaves (leftovers from the CSA) and squeezed a lime on top of it.

It was pretty good. For a moment it had scared me, and thought about throwing it away. After all it did look icky without no blood, but then I realized I would just be throwing money away. Money I don’t have.


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