Let’s get dirrrrrty

Let me put it this way: if yu are committed to eat Paleo and hosting a party you need to buy Paleo Comfort Foods. That book ROCKS.

It has recipes that you would say, yes, are more complicated than normal, but it also makes sense to have them when you are having guests or people just hanging out with you: it’s food that people is willing to eat, but with a paleo twist. In this case I made Cajun Rice.

I had some leftover cauliflower from the day I did the Stuffed Peppers, so I shredded it. I also chopped green onions, green pepper, normal onion and garlic. I sauteed the veggies in one skillet and browned some ground beef in the other.

Wait! I forgot I first boiled some chicken giblets in MORE green onions, and then chopped them. I added them to the mixture of veggies and beef after I added the cauliflower, cayenne pepper, bay leaf, salt, pepper, thyme and cumin and finished with two cups of chicken stock.

After the whole liquid boiled out it was ready to go. Like half an hour.
Recipe from Paleo Comfort Foods. Did I mention that book rocks?


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