Burning down da house

What’s a guy to do when he doesn’t find the right ingredients to cook? Burn the ones he did have!!!!!

Well, not really. I wanted to do Grilled Berber Liver, but I needed suet for that, and between a debacle about the pronunciation of the word and phone calls to all the grocer stores in Boulder I ended up with… nothing, since apparently none of them carries suet. Not even Lucky’s, and they are supposed to carry this kind of stuff. So I revisited my books to find another recipe and found this pan seared liver. Now, caveat: this recipe has alcohol, vermouth and whiskey, which might drag it away from the puritan Paleo (or Whole30). However, since it is burned away I decided to stick with it.

20120904-165100.jpgFirst step is to brine the liver for at least thirty minutes, to extract most of the blood. You want to do this because you don’t want the blood clotting when you sear it. Or maybe you do, I don’t know.

While that happens is a good moment to slice some onions and some mushrooms.

First step is to sear the liver: in a really hot skillet you put enough coconut or avocado or grapeseed oil (high smoking points) and when it’s really hot, you put the filleted liver, one or two fillets at the time (you don’t want to crowd the pan) for a minute or two each side, right now we are not cooking, just searing.

In the same skillet with more oil we brown the onions and the mushrooms, until soft. Then we add the meat again.

We cook for a bit, and then we add the whiskey and the vermouth, half a cup each. First the vermouth, and we let it simmer; then the whiskey and we set it on fire.

After all the alcohol is burned out (no more fire in the pan) I thickened the sauce with some crème fraîche.
This recipe is from Georgia Pellegrini’s Girl Hunter, a deliciously written adventure through Hunting America, and cooking the game you’ve hunted. The original recipe called for Deer Liver, I used lamb (what I had in hand).


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