Baking bacon

Something my CSA never fails to deliver is greens. Every single week I get greens, and it’s always a toss up between spinach or collard greens. Lettuce is always mandatory. So I need to keep finding new ways to work with my greens!

Chopped the greens and some green onions, and fried them in bacon. Remember, first the bacon in order to render the fat, then the onions for a couple minutes in order to caramelize, and then the spinach in order to wilt it.

When it wilted, I put the lovely mixture in some greased plates that are oven proof (I greased them with coconut oil), cracked a couple eggs in each of them and stuck them in the oven for twelve minutes at 400F.

Resulting in this beauty.

I had them for lunch, but I’m pretty sure you can use them as breakfast or if you have some of those fancy little cast iron mini skillets it would look amazing as dinner as well.
I modified the recipe from SkinnyTaste, after finding it in a lovely collection of the Best 100 Paleo Recipes done by PrimalBritain


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