Chop chop choppity chop

Melissa Joulwan is a big name in the Paleo Community. Why? Because she’s created one of the most intense cookbooks around: Well Fed. And not just that, but it is totally Self Published. So talk about Getting Things Done on your own. Not just that, but her cooking background has allowed her to create some of the most amazing recipes you’ll see in the Paleo neck of the woods, However, right now I want to talk about something she reccommends a lot: prepping.

Prepping can me things a lot easier. In this case, doing steam-sauteeing on a bunch of vegetables in one sitting leaves you with a bunch of containers ready to be warmed up in minutes and combine them in order to make fabulous creations.

The veggies that I prepped this way this week were carrots, zucchini, cabbage, celery, and bok choi. Melissa reccomends that the veggies have to be fibrous and sturdy, so asparragus are out.

The process is simple: wash, chop, wash again to ensure moisture, put in a large skillet that is already warmed up and cover, letting the veggie steam with the moisture from the wash. When soft, put in the container and when you are about to use it, sautée it in butter or coconut oil. Can be used in a lot of combinations.

Like here: Ground Deer with zucchini and carrots. Less than ten minutes a rushed morning.
Melissa’s blog The Clothes make the Girl which includes a shopping page to her fabulous book Well Fed. If you buy strait from her you can get it signed.


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