Smoking hot

If possible, I try to keep my expenses on meat and chicken within the six dollars per pound limit. That way I can afford a little more. For grass fed beef that usually means to wait for sales or get my box at SunPrairie or shop around for deals. For chicken it just means waiting for someone to have an organic cut for sale. Like Alfalfa’s whole legs.

Thighs (though skinless and boneless) are another of Melissa Joulean’s suggestions as prep food. I, however, decided to use her recipe as a whole meal instead. I split the thighs and legs. I should definitely get a boning knife at some point, between eating whole fryers and cases like this I’m gonna end up destroying my Chef’s knife.

I used paprika, salt, pepper and cayenne, generously. Then I baked for almost an hour at 350F in order to get them crispy and gorgeous. I used the griddle.

In order to make it a whole meal I used some of the veggies I prepped. Carrots and broccoli are a good addition to this.


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