Craving cupcakes

I don’t know what triggered it, but suddenly I had a craving for sweets. Yes, it happens. Yes, you are supposed to satisfy them and move on, not dwelling in the fact that sometimes, you fall. The goal is to go back up. But instead of going to King Sooper’s and buy some gluten full infested frankenfood, I decided to cook something. And Elana’s Pantry had just posted this, so I said, fine, let’s do this, LEE ROY JENKINS.

I did not know if my muffin tin was small, medium, large or extra large, so I spend a couple minutes trying to decide what liners should I get. I ended up buying large and extra large, and it turns out it was large, so now I have some extra liners. I guess I’ll have to bake for someone soon, since my cravings got satisfied when I finished this. The batter was coconut flour, raw cocoa, coconut oil, eggs and baking soda, perfectly mixed.

Who doesn’t love cupcake batter? I do.

I stuck them in the oven for fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, I tried my hand at some frosting, made with coconut oil, chocolate chips and vanilla. Melt everything together then put it in the freezer for thickening.

Though the recipe said I would get enough for eight cupcakes, I barely filled my six liners. As you can see some were smaller than the others.

And my frosting just froze. So it looks like chocolate something over chocolate cupcakes. This was roommate approved (from Iowa, so he knows about baking) and were devoured at a Doctor Who night. I may have eaten more than two.


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