Parlez-vous français? No sir, I’m dutch.

This is what I would call the first Paleo recipe I ever made, which is funny because I did not find it in a Paleo website or anything, but in my grandma’s cookbook. Roasted chicken French style. Finding stuff like this are what greatly support the theory that if your grandma did not recognize it as food, it probably isn’t.

This whole chicken comes from Whole Foods. While It’s become easier to find grass-fed beef in Boulder, chickens that are not only vegetarian fed (chickens eat worms too!) and that you can assure me they are not in cages is harder. I’m not even sure about this one, being a step two in Whole Food’s scale of quality. I pat it dry and rubbed it in and out with salt and pepper.

For stuffing I used the giblets that came with it mixed with some parsley. I use some twine to hold it together. I’ll be honest – first time I did this I used floss. While it didn’t affect the flavor (or so I think) I did feel completely embarassed when I was cutting it in front of a friend.

For the exterior I melted a couple tablespoons of butter and mixed it with some dijon butter, and spread it all over, making sure all of the kitchen was covered. For that I used my handy and new silicone brush (one dollar at the Dollar Tree Store) after several times of dealing with a brush (more expensive and much more problematic).

After 90 minutes at 350F it turned this beatuiful golden color (and the juices inside ran clear, indicating it was done). I took it out of the Dutch oven and put it on a platter. The Dutch I put it on the stove, added a cup of white wine and used it to scrape all the solids that stuck to the bottom, creating a delicious sauce.


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