Meatloaf muffins

No, it’s not monday. Why does it have to be monday to post muffins? Muffins are awesome (and so are cupcakes).

These guys were actually pretty easy to make, but I did screw up pretty badly. First of all I grated some zucchini and carrots. Food processor, this is why I love you.

Ten I squeezed real hard in order to remove as much liquid as possible. I used a cheesecloth, thank you, not my bare hands! Then I mixed everything with a pound of beef, an egg, and a bag f frozen peas. THAT’s where I screw up: it was not only too much peas, but I forgot that frozen means liquid, so it was not holding together until I added a ton of coconut flour to bring the humidity down.

Thirty minutes in the oven at 350F and they hold pretty well. I use them in my breakfast. Yes, that’s yesterday’s French Roasted Chicken. Same temperature, same cooking conditions, save time!
Adapted from Nikki Young’s Paleo Cookbook


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