The Cucumber Soup Chronicles

This time, my CSA box came OVERSTUFFED. Literally I could not fit all the veggies in the bags I’ve brought, I had to get inside Alfalfa’s and ask for a new one.

And this time I decided to waste as little as possible, so I decided to look for as many recipes as I could. My first discovery was cucumber soup, which required virtually no ingredients and since it’s still warm around Boulder I said what the heck.

After peeling and slicing the cucumbers, and blending them with chicken stock and salt and pepper and creme fraiche, I started to doubt the instructions I was following, First of all, I didn’t remove the seeds. Second, I overflowed my food processor. Third, I ended up with a really weird looking sludge, not soup at all.

Instead of giving up, I decided to sieve it and see the product.

Not bad at all… but it definitely needed some tweaking. The mint leaves were a good addition.
Recipe from Nourishing Traditions


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