Not kentucky fried

I still had one package of chicken drumsticks, so I looked for another recipe. My grandma’s cookbook came to the rescue, with an amzing recipe for fried chicken.

The trick with fried chicken is a good crust. The trick for a good crust is a good combination of ingredients. The trick for that… is actually your own imagination. I used almond flour, salt, pepper, cumin and turmeric. Technically that makes this combination moroccan, but nothing so far from the truth. If you were to use tarragon and thyme would it be french? What about curry, would that make it Indian? And how would you do it american?

Again tossing the drumsticks proved to take longer than expected. I wanted to make sure they were EVENLY coated, EVERYWHERE. I did not want weird spots in my chicken.

I fried them in a mixture of butter with olive oil. That increases the smoking point of the olive oil and prevents the butter from burning, allowing us to use these fats for frying.

When perfectly fried, I put them in a aluminum casserole.

While I fried some cauliflower rice in the remainders of the fat

And baked everything for forty five minutes, with some stock and perfectly covered. When done, I took the chicken out, strained the rice and served it all in a platter.

Caveat: according to my grandma, this would feed six people. I ate it all in that dinner, so be careful about that!
I already mentioned but the book I call my grandma’s cookbook is actually Secretos de la Buena Cocina, by Reader’s Digest Mexico. It’s still my grandma’s cookbook due to all the annotations she included.


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