Breakfast burgers

To be honest, these don’t necessarily have to be breakfast. But when you have an egg on top of your burger, it looks like they are part of your breakfast.

According to Te Primal Blueprint Book, this burgers are quite popular in Australia. Something about having a not-completely cooked yoolk running down your burger is appealing to them. I found it exciting, and totally delicious.

In order to make them spicy, I roasted some anaheim chiles in my gas range because a GAS RANGE IS THE BEST RANGE EVER!!!! Sorry, had to let you know that a GAS RANGE IS THE BEST RANGE EVER!!!!!! When the skin got mostly black and charred, I put them in a plastic bag for thirty minutes to let them “sweat” the skin off.

I chopped them (after removing the veins and seeds, which a the really hot portion of the chile) and mixed them with the meat with some onion, salt, pepper, and I added an egg (yes, an egg to a dish that is going to be covered with eggs) to keep the mixture together.

I cooked the meat first one side, and after flipping the burger I cracked the egg. Don’t they look cute together?


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