Battling the cold

Chicken stock recipes are many floating all the media. And they are not that different. They all involve the basic ingredients: chicken, veggies, water. It would be your personal taste what veggies go in and what spices you use to bring out the flavor.

I always used bones that were previously cooked (I freeze them after consuming the meat that covers them) and sometimes a back of a whole roaster that I didn’t use. Other people will cook the whole chicken and shred the meat (perfect for enchiladas!).

Onions and carrots are mandatory. Mark Sisson recommends celery. My grandma would swear for cilantro and parsley. A bouquet garni always shows up, whether is tied up or not, with its bay leaf, its peppercorns and your grandomther’s secret, whether it was thyme, rosemary, maybe both, maybe none. Vinegar, to extract the minerals from the bones. Cider, White wine? Or lemon jce instead?
I always leave it cooking for at least 24 hours. Michelle Tam does it in a pressure cooker, reducing the time to irty or so minutes. It’s a matter of taste. and how sick you are when you need the stock.


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