Make it Paleo: Buffy would approve

I am honored to say that after answering a small Facebook Update from The Food Lovers I received a free copy of the amazing Make It Paleo, one of the Paleo Cookbooks that generate a lot of buzz around the Paleosphere. And while I’m still working on the full review (let’s just say that I need an iPad tripod) the three recipes I used to evaluate the book will be here at the usual hour.
In order to evaluate the book, I decided to cook three recipes: one I didn’t know, one I did know and one I was willing to share. For the first case, I chose Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, something that according to the recipe (and Kim, Hi!) is actually quite classic even if I hadn’t heard of it before.

The hardest thing about this recipe was to chop the chicken in pieces. I got the whole roaster at Alfalfa’s, they were on sale AND had an extra dollar off. That is a bargain!

The other deal was the garlic. Surprisingly (at least for me) they did not required to be peeled. I, however, did remove the stem from all of them, since that’s the bit that makes you go burp! after eating it.

I seared the chicken in coconut oil, then I cooked the garlic in the remaining fat.

Even though it’s not the best cast iron I could have gotten, I love my cast iron pan and pot combo I got at Amazon, because I can use it as a Dutch Oven, so I basically got three pots instead of two. I put the chicken in, the garlic on top and to add some flavor some thyme and some rosemary.

After a stint in the oven, the chicken was done. It was really good, and really easy!

So far so good! But, what about something I’ve cooked before?


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