Make it Paleo: Game night!

I can’t believe I didn’t find chicken wings ANYWHERE. Well, not at the usual places I shop. And I am not getting CAFO chicken. Therefore, I had to make substitutions. Enter the drumsticks.

I also could not find fresno chiles, so I had to come up with my own concoction: some sweet peppers combined with chipotles.

I made the sauce according to Make It Paleo’s BBQ sauce, but due to the difference in ingredients mine was more of a sweet’n spicy sauce, rather than BBQ. That was for half of the wings.

For the other half I used the butter and garlic sauce they have in the same page. They do make a good pair!

I have to say the butter and garlic drumsticks were totally awesome. My sweet’n spicy drumsticks were good, too, but again, it was kind of an emergency pull.
And both dissappeared. So definitely, Make It Paleo has great recipes for sharing as well.


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