So far I’ve been eating a slightly low carb no starches version of Paleo. That is, I rarely eat sweet potatoes, or yams, or other stuff. I even keep fruit to a minimum, except for my strawberries and greek youghurt parfait I eat every couple days. But since one booth at my farmer’s market had sweet potatoes on sale, I said, what the heck!

I had already done Juli’s Sweet potato brownies before, with a yam that did not soften all the way, and they were a real success (I shared them at one of my frat’s events, Cooking with Merc). In order to ensure that the sweet potato got soft all around, I was mean to it. I basically murdered it like a victim of the mob.

See all the holes?
After baking it and peeling it, I shredded it using a potato peeler, which gave ribbons that were easy to mix with the chocolate chips, cacao powder, baking soda and eggs. The thick mixture went into the non-greased baking dish and into the oven.

Rookie’s mistake: not greasing the pan. Besides that, they were pretty good.

As a matter of fact, they were so good I was thinking of bringing them over to my preliminary exams, as a way to keep my committee in a good mood. That was before I found out that the Martha Stewart of the department is going to be there. Now I’m scared of being criticized on them.


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