The Bitten Word: an Italian Classic

One of the non-paleo blogs I follow is The Bitten Word, the chronicles of two guys and a lot of cooking magazine subscriptions. They decided to have a cook marathon, in which they invited people to accept the challenge of cooking something out of a magazine (Their choosing from Saveur, Bon Apetit, Every Day Food, Food & Wine, Martha Stewart and Food Network) and I immediately said yes. I did let them know I’d prefer a gluten free recipe and that I would do my small modifications to try and adhere to Paleo as much as possible. I got Saveur’s Tomato and Onion Butter Sauce. The name alone sounds paleo.

The recipe was too simplistic for usual tomato sauces, and for an italian classic I was surprised that basil was not mentioned. I got the can of tomatoes and crushed them by hand, and cut the onions in quarters, and put everything in a low fire. I, however, did change the sugar for one drop of agave. Just one. To cut the acidity of the tomatoes.

On the side I baked a Spaghetti Squash using Make It Paleo instructions and shredded it to make some noodles. I also baked some meatballs (cumin, basil, salt, pepper and an egg to keep it altogether).

After 45 minutes of low simmering I removed the onion from the sauce, and used it as Pasta Sauce. The taste was subtle, not acid (so the substitution of the sugar was enough) and creamy thanks to the butter. I guess i was expecting the basil taste of the usual tomato sauce I make, but that came with the meatballs!

You should go to The Bitten Word right now. It is a really good blog!


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