Somebody got a mandoline

At the moment this post is published I will be presenting my preliminary examination in the Chemical Engineering Department of CU-Boulder. Please wish me a lot of success.

So instead of practicing my presentation what am I doing? Cooking of course! In this case, zucchini lasagna.

Ever since someone (not me) cut her finger with a mandoline I’ve been tempted to get one, and honestly this recipe was just the excuse to get one. I did scout for a good stainless steel one on sale, but that’s beyond the point. What is the point is that I sliced zucchini super thinly!

I also browned meat with onions and peppers. Then I added tomato sauce AND tomato paste. Too much tomato, it seemed, until i saw how much can the meat absorb!

What I didn’t slice were the mushrooms. I got those pre-sliced. They are the same price!

I layered the meat and the zucchini and the shrooms one at a time. I got three full layers of meat, three full layers of zucchini but only two of mushrooms. Not because I ran out of shrooms, but because I ran out of space.
I baked for 15 minutes covered, and another 15 minutes not covered. It’s delicious.
Recipe from Make It Paleo. Yes, I’m still using recipes from the book, it is that awesome!


2 thoughts on “Somebody got a mandoline

  1. Wait, me taking a chunk of my right ring finger is what finally made you want a mandoline? 🙂

    Keep bandaids on hand, especially if you like to cook while blasting music.

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