Brain Soup

So, it’s getting colder here in Boulder. As in “I don’t wanna go to work – I’d rather stay home and cuddle with some hot cocoa and a disney movie” kind of cold. And the best way to battle that is with soup!

I started with some chicken stock. My grandma used to say that if you left the chicken stock outside overnight, you needed to boil it for a good twenty minutes to ensure it was good to go. I ended up adding more water and left it a good while just in case. I’m forgetful that way. Meanwhile, I sauteed some onions in coconut oil in another pot.

When transparent, I added nutmeg, cinnamon and salt, and moved for a bit to let the flavors infuse the oil. Then I put some butternut squash I had bought specially for this and proceeded to sautee it for a bit as well. Then I put the stock and boiled until the squash was tender.

When soft and basically falling apart, I turned on my trusty hand blender and pureed everything. However, the large amount of stock left the soup a little runny. Damn me and not following recipes to the letter.

I basically left it boil until the consistency was more “I’m cold and I want soup” like. But to ensure it was crunchy and not creamy (or maybe both) I added walnuts.

Recipe from The Food Lovers. Again =P


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