Ritual sacrifice

And that’s what happens when you mock someone for getting hurt with a mandoline. You cut your self and the Kohlrabi fries you were cooking end up miraculously not soaked in blood. I have the feeling my mandoline adsorbed it in order to use it in some sort of demonic ritual later.

OK, first, a word on the kohlrabi. That guy was though! In order to work with it I cut it in half and peeled it. I had to use my knife instead of a peeler because of the thoughness of the skin. After that I cut it in quarters and then each quarter in thirds so I could use the mandoline. After slicing the zucchini for the lasagna without the guard and having no trouble with it, I went and tried to do the same with this. BAD IDEA.

After bleeding profusely, bandaging my thumb and using the gorram guard, I managed to slice the kohlrabi. Two decent sized kohlrabi gave me a humongous amount of fries, so I’m set for the week. I fried them in coconut oil (a good couple table spoons).

After frying I tossed them in salt, pepper and cumin. They are pretty good, but they do not taste like fries at all. I had to use extra salt just to get that tastiness that you want when you are watching Doctor Who.
Adapted from Earth Energy Yoga


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