Tales of the road – Booritos and packed restaurants

Pittsburgh being the home of Bill and Haley’s I decided to browse their user curated list about restaurants and places that can cater to Paleo followers. The problem is, most of the places that were recommended were a little bit too upscale for a grad student like me, so I had to make up with what I had in hand. Most of my meals consisted of Subway Salads and Chipotle Bowls, but I can attest of three things that made my food journeys interesting.
First, I am glad to say that one of the most Paleo restaurants in Pittsburgh, Meat and Potatoes, is a packing business, but sadly I could not eat there. They didn’t have tables for the future three hours of the day we decided to go thereso we ended up moving to another place, I don’t remember the name (sorry) but I ended up having a really amazing plate of grilled shrimp, grilled salmon and grilled asparagus, in three different portions. And while I didn’t specify I was gluten free, the dishes felt accomodating to the Paleo Diet.
Second, being Halloween made for an interesting Wednesday at Chipotle. Being from Mexico I do not celebrate Halloween (I have Dia de Muertos to enjoy) so seeing a huge amount of college students in costume in order to get a two dollar meal was interesting for me. And my nerd radar went all the way up when I recognized a 10th Doctor, a 11th Doctor, some members of the Addams Family, a couple of Ash Ketchums (both girls) and their Pokemon (a Waturtle and a Pikachu), two Victor Frankensteins, a Superwoman, a Spiderwoman, a Batgirl and an Iron Woman, as well two Victor Frankensteins and half the personnel of University of PIttsburgh Medical Campus in uniform.
Third, my last day in the city I decided to splurge and go to Bar Symon. All that I knew about the place was that a contender of Iron Chef runs it and that they had fries fried in lard, but nothing else. So I was gladly surprised when I got there that apparently Mr. Symon has a book called Carnivore. I didn’t buy it, though, but I did enjoy the fries with rosemary and a bacon cheeseburger. Yes, with a bun. I decided to enjoy myself.
Tomorrow will be a particularly special post: I will talk about my Paleo journey (it’s been two years now) and the reasons why I am doing it, even if it seems I am not particularly benefited by it.


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