Tales of the road – In sickness and in health

This is my last post about Pittsburgh. Tomorrow I have a new recipe.

Most of you have heard the benefits of Paleo, its forms, people who have dropped weight and feel better overall and feel their lifes have improved. I am not one of them. Being a 23 year old (fine, 24 in a couple weeks) I am in that moment in my life where no matter what I eat, I feel fine. I’ve always been skinny, so I never had to drop any weight, and I can pull an all nighter if I need to. So, why am I eating like this?

In Pittsburgh I got drenched. Like horribly. And then it got colder and colder, so at some point I got sick. But unlike a few years ago, in which I would get sick progressively until I felt like crap, then feel like crap for a week or longer, and then progressively feel better; now I felt being sick. My body was telling me that there was something wrong, but since I had my presentation the adrenaline was running high. The very same day, a couple hours after my presentation was done, I felt my body giving up and letting the flu take over, I felt it. I immediately went home, downed a good cup of mullein tea and, I admit, vitamin C in the form of dissolved powder, and slept. The following day, instead of having the super tour of PIttsburgh I had planned I went back to the conference center and stayed there, attended all the sessions without exerting myself, drinking hot beverages all day long and as soon as it was finished went back and slept more than the usual eight hours. When I woke up, I was completely cured.

This is not the first time. I’ve realized that my body is more sensitive to sickness, but much faster dealing with it. If I eat something that doesn’t agree with me, instead of feeling queasy for two days and not wanting to eat anything, either I have a crappy couple hours (not a pun) or if it is seriously bad, I just go and puke it out. Flu and sniffles and sore throat don’t last longer than a day, and even when I feel them I’m not exactly down: I can perform most of my nine-to-five duties and then go and rest it up. I no longer have a permanent stomach ache like I did when I was in middle school, where a granola bar was all I could eat for lunch at the cafeteria otherwise my stomach would be upset for the rest of the day: now I enjoy a lot of different foods and recipes and I barely blink at the idea of my stomach feeling sick.

So yeah, I may have not reapt the benefits of a ripped body or a massive weight loss or something as noticeable as that. But Paleo has done small changes in me that allow me to live a little easier, not worrying about being sick at anytime.


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