Bringing the sea with me

So I came back from Pittsburgh and had no food. I only had my bag of hens from the other week, so I decided to cook them up. One went immediately to become chicken stock in the crockpot, but the other four, I did two recipes. One of them was brining.

I used this recipe provided by the most awesome Kim. And that’s a website I need to explore and add to my newsfeed. Being, you know, out of my element because of the trip and stuff I followed it to the letter, including using hot water from the tap, something I usually don’t like to do since I think it’s a waste of energy (and dissolving stuff from the pipes into the water).

After brining for eight hours I took them out, sprinkled a little salt on top of them (I used celtic sea salt here instead of kosher which I used in the brine) and roasted them for half an hour in the oven.

I did not have brandy, so instead I used apple juice and put the gravy on top of riced cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes. I liked it.

Though eating a whole hen might be a little bit too much. Yes, even if it is like half the size of a fryer. It is a lot tougher!


2 thoughts on “Bringing the sea with me

  1. I’m glad it somewhat worked out for you! Hunter, Angler, Gardner, Cook is a great blog too. Can the hens be cut up and braised, or are they best whole?

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