Starches! Starches!

One bad thing of going to Pittsburgh? At the moment I’m poor, more than usual, and I can’t afford not using all the products from my CSA. So, if you excuse me, I’ll use the potatoes this week.

I did peel them, removed any greenish spot (I may have been a bit paranoid about those…) and wash them before and after peeling them. After all, most nutrition speakers agree that while you must keep your starch intake to a minimum, if you do eat potatoes the worst is in the skin. So, no fritters.

This recipe comes from my grandma’s book, but is called Chilean Hen. In a mexican book. No, I didn’t ask. First, you fry the hen (which was a PAIN to carve, unlike chicken) in lard. I didn’t have lard (haven’t found a place I trust, so I’m saving for an order at US Wellness) so I used coconut oil. When the skin was golden I added onions until they were transparent, and then I added water.

When the hen felt soft and eatable, I added the veggies: carrots, mexican squash, cauliflower rice, potatoes and snow peas. And I let it boil until the potatoes were soft. It took a bit of time, particularly since the whole pot was STUFFED.

I found interesting that the recipe didn’t call for salt or pepper, and I did find the taste of the end product a bit bland, so please, feel free to add them. I did after serving, it was necessary.


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