Supposedly this is chinese. I think not.

After having worked with hen for a couple weeks, coming back to chicken felt like a welcome relief. So much easier to carve and much more meatier. I will keep buying hens for stock (whenever I run low of bones or something) but they were not filling enough.

After carving it, I blanched it: submerged it in boiling water for about five minutes. According to my grandma’s cookbook this is the chinese portion of the recipe. I don’t have a professional opinion about it, but it is kind of shifty. Anyways, I patted it dry and let it cool.

The coating was butter, mustard powder, tarragon and just a bit of honey. Melted everything together, and then added a bit of cider vinegar to counteract the sweetness of the honey. I used my handy $1 brush to coat all the pieces evenly and put them in my griddle inside the broiler.

After thirty minutes they turned a lovely red, if a bit burnt. I flipped them and cooked them for ten more minutes.

A sprinke of salt and a dash of pepper, they turned out pretty good. I will definitely have to be more careful about the cooking time instead of blindly following the recipe, though I don’t like opening and closing the broiler. Same thing happens to me when I’m baking.


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