Mexican cream

One of the things I have to deal with when using cookbooks in other languages is the fact that, well, some of the ingredients do not translate well. Or they are completely obscure for the stores here where I live. Oh yes, I’m still bitter about the fact that apparently nobody in Boulder knows what suet is. In this case I’m talking about mexican cream.

Mexican cream is thicker than sour cream, but it is sour so you can’t just use half and half. So far the most acceptable substitute I’ve found is creme fraiche, though that is not necessarily cheap, depending on the store I find it (and no, my local big box store doesn’t sell creme fraiche. I have to go to Whole Foods or Vitamin Grocer to get it). What about just finding some mexican cream in a latin store? Good luck finding the only store in ALL Boulder saturday night.
Anyways! I fried the chicken in coconut oil to get the skin crispy, and then let it boil in its own juices for about twenty minutes. I took it out and put it aside.

Then for the sauce I fried onion in the chicken/coconut oil fat, and then added white wine and the cream, and reduced it by half.

I sieved it, and used it to coat the chicken.

I don’t remember the name of the sauce when it’s white wine and cream in the juices of the cooked food. A variant of the veloute, maybe?


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