Destroying a perfectly vegan recipe

I’ve mentioned the guys at The Bitten Word before. They read magazines, they try recipes, they comment about it. And recently they had a vegan Cream of Greens Soup. And since I had to get rid of some collards that came with the CSA I decided to follow it, but my way.

First you are supposed to fry a chopped onion in olive oil; I did it in butter. Then you are to add a cauliflower head and fill the pot with water; I used chicken stock. You let it boil until tender, and then you add the greens. I decided to add salt to the boiling stock just to accentuate the taste of the soup.

When tender you blend it by batches; I decided to use my hand blender. Warm and creamy, you are to serve it as soon as you salt and pepper to taste; I decided to put it in jars before it was finished and then finish it every time as I needed.

This way is easier to control the amount of salt and pepper that goes into it. In the end, it went pretty good.

It went so good that the Couchsurfers loved it!


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