Thrift shopping

I’ve said that sometimes it can be frustrating to cook with some of my family’s cookbooks, since they tend to have ingredients that are not readily available. Sometimes the opposite happens, and the books honor their titles: And food was done… cheaply. This liver dish was less than five ingredients and I had all of them already in hand, so how much did I spend? NOTHING.

I started with a lamb liver that I got at the Farmer’s Market a while ago and been sitting there in my freezer. I sliced it up thinly (relatively) and also chopped some onions.

Fried the onions first in some coconut oil, and then added the liver.

When all the exteriors looked cooked and not raw, I added some bay leaves and a cup of white wine, and let it cook for a while, until almost all the wine evaporated.

Not even one dime spent, and the plates were cleaned up afterwards. By people who had sworn to me that they would never eat liver.


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