Even cheaper cooking

My Whole Foods started carrying Step 4 Chicken! According to their website these chickens actually forage for their food! I still need to ask them if the chickens eat soy, the price was a bit on the prohibiting sitde ($3.50/lb) and the chicken was a bit small, but it’s better than CAFO chicken!

My mom used to cook chicken this way when she didn’t have time to cook it: in a large pot you render the fat of some bacon.

In which you fry the quartered chicken and some green onions.

When fried you add some herbs of provence, vinegar and water, and you let it boil covered for a while, until the chicken is tender.

Quick, easy, simple and cheap. Or, rather, it balances the cost of the chicken with the simplicity of the ingredients. Recipe was handed down over the phone, so no link to the original.


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