Don’t forget your veggies

One thing that I have seen while making this blog (and following others) is how easy it is to get lost in all the meat centered recipes. And I remember talking at Nerd Fitness it is important not to forget about the veggies. After all, Paleo and Primal have Veggies as the base, and meat as the second. Also, a Whole30 diet also begins with a fist sized portion of meat, surrounded by veggies. But it’s easy to forget about them.

In this case I fried some garlic in coconut oil to infuse it with the aroma, and then fried mushrooms and green peppers in it until the mushrooms were tender. I then added salt, pepper and herbs de provence again (handy when you need to add a complex flavor quickly) and turned the stove off, covered the pot and let it steam itself for good fifteen minutes.

The result was a simple recipe with a bang of flavor! Another hand me down from my mom. Yes, she does love her herbs de provence…


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