Getting rid of greens

So my CSA is dying. I only have two more pick ups, and I am still deciding whether to retake it, look for another one or just forego it for next year (not the eggs, though, I’m SO getting those). One thing I always got, whether it rained or shined, were greens. And it has been a creative stress on my mind to try and come up with different ways to cook them!

Thankfully my mom’s cookbooks come to the rescue. In this case was a simple steaming in water. However, the trick was the lemon sauce.

Coconut flour in butter, then lemon juice and water. Be careful thouhg, it’s pretty easy to burn up the coconut flout (I did twice before I got the sauce right). It’s better to work in a really low fire, and even remove from the fire a bit when adding it. And make sure no lumps are formed!


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