Another sacrifice

I got a ninja blender. It cut my finger to the bone and I had to get stitches. End of post!

No, not really. Well, yes, I did cut myself with my brand new ninja blender. It… happened. I removed the blades, put them in the sink and forgot about them. So obviously, when I was doing the dishes I cut myself and I didn’t even realize until one minute later. I saw white, and decided it was good enough to go to the ER. Actually, no, I thought I could wait until the student clinic would be open the following morning, but one of my Frat Brothers bullied me into going. Good call, since I needed the stitches right away.

I wanted the ninja because my 20 bucks blender was already broken, leaking everywhere and not that strong to make smoothies. And since I bought Primal Toad’s smoothie ebook (which, is free at the moment, you know? GO GET IT!) I decided I was going to get a better blender. And it was black friday. And now I will probably pay the same amount I paid for the blender for a hospital bill. NICE.
Anyways, almond milk! Two cups of sprouted almonds in four cups of warm water, blend at high speed for at least one minute, and strain! Not difficult at all.

It was about four cups of milk. I found that a pound of almonds is four cups approximately, so you can do as I did and buy a one pound bag and turn it all into milk.
I mentioned sprouted almonds. Sally Fallon recommends sprouting them in water for at least three days. I cheated, and used warm salted water for 24 hours. I just made sure they had sprouted by looking at their tips: if open, they were good to go.
Recipe from Elana’s Pantry, though I forgot the vanilla extract. Since I’m using it with the Primal Fuel supplement, I don’t find it necessary, but if you think it needs to be sweetened, go ahead and use it.


2 thoughts on “Another sacrifice

    • I have to say I’ve been completely satisfied with it. I know (and have seen) the Vitamix in action, and obviously it is a much more powerful machine, worth its cost; but for the money I spent I’ve got a decent product that bypasses the problem with common blenders (having the bottom to be screw – the blades on the ninja enter from the top), has a decent sized motor and does not warm up that much when making nut butters. I haven’t tried smoothies yet, but unlike most people I do like them with a little texture, so I may not feel what some people do about the chewiness of the blends. It is noisy, though, and when I’m making coconut milk or almond milk in the morning I do it with the fear of waking my roommates up!

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