Butter, butter, butter

Well, one of the reasons I wanted a food processor in the first place was so I could make nut butters on my own, since store jars are usually really expensive. However, I did not bring myselft to do it until I got the ninja. Even if I did not make them in the ninja.

After drying the nuts I soaked for twelve hours in warm salted water I put them in the food processor. And let them there. For a while. A real while.

The thing is, you have to monitor it. For the first ten minutes, the powdered nuts will go to the walls (centrifugal force, that inexistent nuisance) and you have to scrape them. At some point will the oils be released and the butter will form in itself.
I also did coconut butter. However, I used the batter blade in the food processor, which did not do anything at all, and moved onto the ninja. Since I had added some coconut oil to the shredded cocount while in the food processor, my final mixture ended up too liquid.
Are you wondering, where are the pictures of the coconut butter? In the brand new Facebook! There you’ll see more pictures, comments about random stuff I find (related to food) and some of my adventures in the cooking world. Remember to join!


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